The making of a sculpture


Here you can view the process of making this beautiful sculpture and read the story and inspiration behind the design.

It was quite challenging on a number of levels. It was a huge block of stone, and manoeuvring it around proved difficult at the best of times.

The original idea was one koru supporting the bowl, but it would have been too large and bulky. So we decided on splitting it into two koru. I liked the idea of the two koru representing male and female, so one design had softer curves, and the other had straighter edges and angles.

I struggled over the base for some time – it was a lot of stone and I didn't want it to detract from the koru. I eventually decided on a few levels with contrasting square and rounded corners. And finished with a relief design again around the base with straight lines to contrast the curves. The bowl was challenging, as creating round shapes in stone often is. As I continued to round it, I was worried I was losing connection and strength between the bowl and the koru. But it turned out fine.

I began this project over a year ago, and Mike and Maree were very patient and allowed me to work on other things whenever I ran into a design hurdle (which was often). Thank you both. 



Brett Keno
New Zealand Stone Carving Artist and Sculptor