The making of a sculpture


Here you can view the process of making this beautiful sculpture and read the story and inspiration behind the design.


Created specifically for a family with two kids. The simplicity and elegance of the koru appealed as the foundation for the sculpture.


As in past pieces it represents growth, and often new beginnings. It speaks of purity and strength borne of something new and fresh, and often reflects a state of peace and tranquility. The timeline was tight, and the block of stone was wet, and the weather was miserable.


The first challenge was moving the block somewhere where it could dry in the wind, and I could work on it – wet stone is very heavy.


Wet stone is more difficult to work – its softer and may crumble, it clogs up your saws, rasps and files, and you cant sand until its perfectly dry. It took a long time to dry.



Brett Keno
New Zealand Stone Carving Artist and Sculptor

October 2009