The making of a sculpture


Here you can view the process of making this beautiful sculpture and read the story and inspiration behind the design.

Tangaroa - the father of Seas, Fish and Reptiles, Tawhirimatea - the father of Winds and Storms, Rongo ma tane - the father of Cultivated Food, Haumia tikitiki - the father of Uncultivated Food, Tane mahuta - the father of Forests, Birds and Insects. There is also a 6th child, Tumatauenga – the father of man, which I will produce in due course.

At the last Archibald's Stone Carving Symposium in Upper Hutt in January 2013 I created 5 large panels. Each represents a child of Rangi and Papa. I wanted designs that flowed and were connected to one another. I also resisted getting too detailed – my preference was simplicity, with lines and edges that create sharp shadows. As light moves over the sculptures, the shadows can really impact the appearance. I went for something that might be hung on a wall or able to stand in a garden.

Each sculpture weights about 40kgs and stand 1.2 metres high. They can either stand upright (fashioned blocks to hold them in place) or be hung from walls (brackets created to secure them).



Brett Keno
New Zealand Stone Carving Artist and Sculptor

January 2013