The making of a sculpture


Here you can view the process of making this beautiful sculpture and read the story and inspiration behind the design.

I wanted to try something different; to try life forms, faces and heads in particular. I found the challenge a little daunting. As I moved the eyes back and deeper, the noses up and down, I found myself staring at people's features as they stopped to talk.


Once I finally settled on the general placement of the faces I was able to concentrate on the hair. I loved the hair, I wanted it to flow, and be dramatic. It was always going to be the focal point that provided movement to the sculpture.


I wanted to use depth, sharp and rounded edges to create different shadows. I needed each strand to be different - it was incredibly time consuming, I found myself working very long days to complete the sculpture in the 10 days we had available.


The light that falls on the sculpture alters the mood, a bright light creates strong shadow and the hair creates drama, and a soft light softens the hair and causes the faces to be more prominent and portray peace, and calm.



Brett Keno
New Zealand Stone Carving Artist and Sculptor

January 2010