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Our testimonials

We'd like to share with you some of the thoughts our clients have shared with us.

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Brett, it's nearly a year since our wedding and the unveiling of the most amazing gift anyone has ever given to us. The carving was breath taking and shares pride of place in the foyer of our family home, so everyone who enters gets to experience the awe the carving commands. You truly captured our families essence and we really still after 12 months cannot find the words to express just how your creation has made us feel. You are an awesome artist and we both hold you in high esteem and will always keep you in our thoughts. Thanks again Brett for the inspiration.

Dave and Nisha, owners of Mania, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Brett. My appreciation and thanks for your part in the most beautiful and precious gift (apart from my children and moko) I have ever received.It looks stunning on our deck with a native garden backdrop. Awesome, fantastic, ka mau te wehi!

Halayna's Gift, Megz

I cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into our baby’s headstone, it truly means so much to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all your hard work and the way you cared for and respected us throughout this process.

Ours just for a moment, Auckland, New Zealand

A huge thank you to Brett and Christine for their clear communication and top-quality work. I contacted Keno Sculpture with an unusual project with a tight schedule and budget, and they worked with me to get it done on time, on budget, and to a very high standard of quality. I found them to be helpful, friendly, and professional every step of the way, and I am as pleased as it is possible to be with the final product.

Wolf Hutch, Wellington, New Zealand

Hi Brett and Christine,
Yesterday was such an exceptional experience for me, for Phil, and for all six of my students! The stones so generously gifted by you both, returned home with us with a rich story embedded within them.

​It was wonderful hearing how the stone is transformed by both of you into works of wonder. It was most enriching to hear how it was all done by hand rather than by machine. The symbolism of human touch transforming stone into a work of beauty resonated with each one of us. We are so impressed with your work, your lives, and your sense of wonder.

Daniel, School of Architecture

We invited the whole family to the event but none of them had any inkling of what was to happen. We covered the sculpture with a sheet and had our daughter 'unveil' the Pikorua to great surprise. I had prepared a written record with photos of the story and the meaning behind the sculpture that I had laminated. There was an audible gasp and clapping when I revealed who the artist was... me!

Graeme (2 day workshop)

In simple words to best describe Brett, I would have to say he is absolutely AMAZING!! From the time I picked up the phone to ring him he was so helpful & professional, he put my mind at ease straight away by accepting to carve my mothers headstone. Our whanau wanted someone with talent, experience and Tikanga maori, he matched this and much more.

Brett always kept me updated by sending emails of what progress was made each day. He took me on a journey from start to finish, and at times I was speechless and completely mesmerized by seeing the transformation take place. Through his work with the stone he gave it life and was genuinely passionate about the work he did.

Thank you Brett for taking on the challenge, you will forever be a special Taonga to my whanau. Arohanui.

Tohora Taonga - Whale Tail, Kawhia, New Zealand

Thank you Brett and Christine for your participation in our collective journey to benefit the babies and familes of the Neo- Natal Trust.

The beauty and strength in this piece is evident when we see and touch it everyday. We can feel the wairua that began from your mind and heart and followed through your hands into the stone. Thanks again.

Tanoa Bowl, Amelia and Solf

Dear Brett, I want you to know just how much pleasure your sculpture has brought me.

I can see it from many angles from the house and it always reminds me of how lucky I have been to have been surrounded by so much love as the Korus show.

My family were also very impressed. Thank you too Christine for delivering it and placing it for me.

A year has passed and the sculpture never ceases to delight me with the warm memories that it evokes.

God bless you both.

Natalie Brockie

I’ve spent lots of time looking at the sculpture since it was put in place :) It’s made the garden and the house complete. It’s exactly what we were hoping for....the way the light works on it changes every moment.

Tony and Tracey, New Zealand

It is so hard to explain our gratitude for you taking on such a small commission in the scheme of your normal beautiful big carvings, and how hard you have strived to make it take on the meanings we wanted to express.


Kia ora Christine and Brett,

Just wanted to say a big big thank you for hosting the recent stone sculpting weekend. You guys are amazingly generous hosts, extremely talented artists and the most patient of teachers. I had an absolute ball and feel like I learnt so much from you both. I am incredibly proud of what I (we!) created and cannot wait to come back and saw, chip, drill, chisel and file away at some more of that beautiful Omaru stone (so many ideas whizzing around my head!!!)

Thank you both so much again

Julie (2 day workshop)

I love the curves of a sculpture that you can run your hand over and feel the cool smoothness.

Brett Keno

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