Meet the team

Brett Keno - Lead Stone Carving Artist and Sculpture
Christine Keno - Manager and Sculptor


Lead Stone Carving Artist and Sculptor


Manager and Sculptor

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Stone Sculpting Artists

KENO sculpture


We design unique stone sculptures and teach sculpting techniques at our workshops 

What we do

We create oamaru limestone sculptures of all sizes for every occasion and purpose.  We also design unique and personalised memorials and headstones.


We run stone carving workshops from our studio in Upper Hutt where we help people learn the wonderful art of sculpting.


Our sculptures are handled with respect, care and with a deep understanding of what the clients vision is to ensure the essence of what they imagine comes through.

Who we are

Based in Wellington, we are a successful husband and wife team. We have two children and live in Upper Hutt. Brett has been stone carving since 2005 and full time since 2013, working from his home studio.


Brett whakapapa’s to Ngaiterangi, Ngati Ranginui, and Ngai Tahu. His inspiration comes from the natural world around him and through his Maori heritage. Traditional or stylised Maori design is incorporated into his sculptures and stone carvings.


Two days a week (and more if Brett can have her) Christine joins Brett in the studio to assist in his projects or to create her own sculptures. Christine also manages the business leaving Brett to concentrate on his stone creations.


Christine’s support for Brett blossomed into a successful carver in her own right. They often joke about her being the first to sell overseas.

How we work




Our first contact with a client is either through this website, facebook, phone, or people drop by the studio to sit and discuss the sculpture or headstone they would like.


When contemplating a sculpture clients may either approach us for something we have already created (it may be similar but never the same); or something they have seen elsewhere; perhaps a design of their own; or they want a design created especially for them and their occasion.


Clients usually like a price at this point. The pricing is a function of size and complexity of design. We can also help organise, and price other services such as plaques for headstones and freight around the country.

What we believe


Brett reflects on the comments and feedback and believes he was:

  • meant to do this

  • meant to meet that whanau and create the memorial that embodies the wairua of their loved one

  • meant to provide that artwork that provokes thoughts and feelings as you contemplate it

  • meant to tell you that story in stone

  • meant to do this alongside his wife who encourages, supports and guides him

  • meant to bring pleasure through sculpture.  



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