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Keno Sculpture, New Zealand

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Sculptures Gallery

Our commissions vary in size and complexity. 
Germany - Keno Sculpture
Switzerland - Keno Sculpture
Pikorua - Rhode, Greece - Keno Sculpture
Martinborough - Keno Sculpture
Waka Huia - Keno Sculpture
Whanaunga - Keno Sculpture
Dubai - Keno Sculpture
Te Herenga - Keno Sculpture
Invited in - Keno Sculpture
Devotion - Keno Sculpture
So the Roses can flourish - Kia tipu matomato ai ngā Rōhi
Keno Sculpture - Spiral Koru
Renewal - Keno Sculpture
Entwined — sculpture
New Beginnings - by Keno Sculpture
Snoopy - Keno Sculpture
Turtle Tanoa Bowl - Keno Sculpture
Keno Sculpture - Forever Spring
Sleeping swans - Keno Sculpture
Distinguished Alumni Awards
Keno Sculpture
Keno Sculpture
Spirit of the ocean sculpture
Keno Sculpture carving - in situ
Keno Sculpture - Kotuku
Spotted frog sculpture
Gentle breeze sculpture - Keno Sculpture Wellington
Stairway to Heaven carving from Keno Sculpture in Wellington
Birds of a Feather sculpture
Keno Sculpture - Taonga Whakapono
Jenny's Spiral Koru
Ipu Tuatahi
Turtle sculpture
First Dance
Tanoa Bowl
A present for Mum
Hei Matau I and Hei Matau II
Nga hau e wha - Keno Sculpture
A Family's Love
Graham's Family Sculpture
Well Rounded
Soul of Light
Halayna's Gift
Matthew's Fish Hook
Paroa Bay Winery Fish Hook
Nga Koru III
Pikorua Matau
Sadie's Koropepe
The Hongi
Jackie's Morepork (Ruru)
Family Koru
Twist - Eternal Friendship
Jo's Koru
Whanau Koru
Ora - Life, Growth, Development

I love creating sculptures that reflect a special occasion, represent family and perhaps tells a story.

Brett Keno

Gallery 2

Memorial and Headstone Gallery

We often get a phone call or email from someone burdened with the task of researching who, and what’s available for a beloved family member. Below are the past work we have done for those family members.
Boxing Gloves - Keno Sculpture
Memorial - Keno Sculpture
Memorial - Keno Sculpture
Keno Sculpture - Pania headstone
Seahorse - Keno Sculpture headstone
Moko Kauae - Keno Sculpture memorial
Crystals - Keno Sculpture memorial
This amazing young man personified Te Ao Maori, and was an inspiration to his family, his community,
Memorial from Keno Sculpture
Soul Mates headstone
Tree of Life
A sister who wanted something beauti
Poutama Korowai memorial headstone
Keno Sculpture -  Karena Hei Matau
Music & Mana - Headstone & memorial for Keno Sculpture
Paua stone carving memorial
The Rose memorial
Te Korowai | Memorial
Ruru memorial
Welsh Cross Headstone
A Special Man Memorial
Always in our hearts
Tekoteko/Tiki Memorial/Headstone
Dolphin Memorial
Story of a young man (Memorial)
Tiki Memorial/Headstone
Tekoteko & Manaia Memorial/Headstone
Baby's manaia (Guardian) memoria
Kaitiaki Memorial/Headstone
Memorial For Annie's Mum (Headstone)
Ours for just a moment (memorial)
Henry's memorial (Headstone)

A sculpture should be something that evokes a feeling, a thought or a memory when you look at it.

Brett Keno

Doodles, sketches and concepts

Doodles, sketches, concepts or whatever you'd like to call them, Brett has amassed a few sketches. Some have already been created into sculptures, whereas others are still to be made. Contact us if you would like to commission a unique piece of sculpture.
Keno Sculpture sketch
Keno Sculpture memorial sketch
Keno Sculpture sketch
Keno sculpture sketch
Whanau Koru Variation 001
Treble Clef Upside down
Dean 002
Brett's thoughts
on his sculptures

I love gaps which light appears at certain times of the day casting an orange hue.

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