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Memorials and sculptures


We invite you to explore some of our Making of stories, which provide a glimpse into our creative process and the inspiration behind our designs. Each sculpture tells a unique story, and we hope you find meaning and beauty in each of them.

A Family's Love

An old friend and ex work colleague asked if I could design and create something to help enhance the memory of a loss the family experienced some years back.

A Familys Love_Keno Sculpture.jpg


Colin came and saw me a year ago, he had a specific design in mind – an elegant woman, a sculpture he had seen in his worldly travels, and asked if it was something I might contemplate.

Celeste - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Mathew's Fish Hook

Matthew requested a classic fish hook based on the style of one of my very first pieces - Te Whanau.

Mathews Fish Hook - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Nga hau e wha
(the four winds)

This sculpture represents a couple's journey from London where they met, then went back to the husband's homeland in New Zealand.

Nga hau e wha - Keno Sculpture_edited.jpg

Nga Koru III

This sculpture was created for a friend's 50th birthday. They wanted height so it stands 1.4 metres tall.

Nga Koru III - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Soul of Light

Soul of Light was the client's own design as a gift for a friend in Brisbane. She is meant to be an Asian woman wearing a Maori fish hook pendant. 

Soul of Light - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Tanoa Bowl

I was asked if I could create a stone replica of a ceremonial Tanoa Bowl.  Although we discussed some design aspects (hibiscus) I loved that they gave me full creative licence on all aspects of this sculpture.

Tanoa Bowl - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Well Rounded

I created this sculpture for a friend. She is very talented and intelligent and approaches situations from angles others may not have seen or recognized as being possible.

Well rounded - Keno Sculpture.jpg


This family contacted me and asked if I could produce a memorial for their mother that incorporated their kaitiaki (guardians)... piwakawaka (fantail) and the whai (stingray).

Amanda #2 Back_edited.jpg

Ruru Memorial

Its always a huge honour and responsibility when I'm asked to produce a sculpture that reflects the Mana, the Mauri, and the Wairua of a loved one...

Ruru - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Tekoteko / Tiki

A freestanding Tekoteko/Tiki in traditional Hauraki style...

Tekoteko Tiki - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Te Korowai

This sculpture involved numerous communications and input between various family members over a few months...


Tohora Taonga
(Whale Tail)

This journey began with an inspiring story of an amazing woman's life. On the day of her tangi a very large pod of whales were seen entering the nearby harbour, one whale separated and came very close to the shore near the Urupa....

Tohora Taonga - Whale Tail - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Annie's Mum

This memorial was for a friend's Mum. There were many things about their Mum they wanted to incorporate into a memorial but to keep the sculpture simple we transferred many of the elements to the plaque.

Annie's Mum - Keno Sculpture.jpg

For Aunty Kahi

My wonderful and beloved Aunty passed on a year ago and her children (my cousins) asked if I would create a headstone for her. It was their wishes to have the “Twist” or “Pikorua” that symbolised for them an eternal bond of love.

Aunty Kahi - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Baby Manaia

After a couple of visits from Auckland, this lovely couple brought their own Maori design to me. They had been to other places but wanted a memorial that was produced by someone local using a natural material.

Baby Manaia - Guardian - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Celtic Cross

I received a request for a Celtic Cross as a memorial at home for his wife’s parents.

Celtic Cross - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Closeness of Whanau

The family called and asked to meet with me in person. They travelled down from Hamilton and we had a wonderful afternoon discussing the details about the headstone they wanted.

Closeness of Whanau - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Farewell Young Man

This memorial request was for a fine young man much loved by his friends and family. This was their design based on a combination of koru and manu....

Farewell Young Man - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Henry's Memorial

I had a strong sense of a matau (fish hook) that represents strength when Shaz talked about Henry. I offered a couple of options. I wanted something a little different, not your typical sculpture on a plinth, and not your typical square plaque.

Henry's Memorial - Keno Sculpture.jpg

Isobel's Memorial

Michael and Heni contacted me from Australia wanting a headstone for Michael's sister Isobel. We shared numerous emails and phone calls about Isobel's life. It's always such an honour to be trusted with this detail....

Isobel's Memorial - Keno Sculpture.jpg

A Special Man

The design is a stylised Hei matau (fishhook) it represents many things such as strength, mana, and a wonderful provider, as he was for his kids, sacrificing much to give them everything they needed....

A Special Man - Keno Sculpture.jpg
Considering requesting a sculpture or memorial?

Contact us or have a look at our general information about a commission to help you make your decision.

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