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Stone Carving Workshops



Workshop dates for 2024

IMPORTANT: We’re working through the logistics of workshops in our new location.  Email for an update.


What people say



Have done a 4 hour class with Brett and Christine and was really worthwhile, it gave me a little taste of what stone carving was like and at the end of the session you have a completed piece.


I have done several of the 2 day workshops and symposiums and thoroughly enjoy them. They are both such excellent teachers and the friendliest people you could wish to meet.
Give it a go, it is great fun, get a group together, great for team building or just a bunch of mates.


Christine and Brett both were amazingly skilled and patient tutors. Christine’s warmth and hospitality made the experience of being new to carving comfortable and enjoyable. Christine explained the process, allowed for my own creativity, whilst continually giving skilled support. Brett showed me his amazing artistic talents by giving me technical guidance, tool skills and helped me understand carving from an artistic perspective and process. This was my first ever stone carving, and one of the best creative experiences I’ve had! I recommend this workshop to all.

This two day workshop also provided me with the confidence to apply for an Art and Creativity Diploma. My stone carving plus the skills and creative motivation I received from Christine and Brett aided my progression onto this course.


We invited the whole family to the event but none of them had any inkling of what was to happen. We covered the sculpture with a sheet and had our daughter 'unveil' the pikorua to great surprise. I had prepared a written record with photos of the story and the meaning behind the sculpture that I had laminated. There was an audible gasp and clapping when I revealed who the artist was... me!

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